Who Are We?

TREPX is an entrepreneurial community. If you are serious about growing a business, you’ll feel at home here. We provide real stories, tools and direct professional services to help entrepreneurs grow the right way.

Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship

Our Journey:
20 Years of Entrepreneurship (and counting!)

As an entrepreneur you know starting, building and growing a business is a major challenge. We’ve lived this challenge for 20 years, and are still learning, living and sharing it. TREPX is a mission of Kahuna Business Group to connect entrepreneurs on this journey and to take what we’ve learned over 20 years to make it a little easier for real, every day entrepreneurs like us. In growing our businesses and serving our clients, all Kahuna Business Group ventures have stood on this mission statement: Leverage, Value, Partnership! We achieve our victories through the victories of those we serve!

Our Mission: An Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship

At the heart of everything we do is a belief in entrepreneurship. The world needs entrepreneurs. The world needs real businesses who are taking their passions and using their talent to serve their communities. We need you to focus where you are great and to solve meaningful problems and create meaningful work in the world. Kahuna Business Group exists to magnify what you do. You don’t need to worry about accounting, so we built an accounting business.

You don’t need to write a 40-page business plan, it’s a waste of time. We simplified the process. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel with a marketing plan. We’ve learned what works. Our core business has always been to magnify others. It’s not about us. It’s about YOU.

Our mission is a thriving ecosystem maximizing the unique talents of entrepreneurs by highlighting their strengths and providing support where they are weak.

The Ecosystem for Growth

TREPX is an ecosystem, for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. In our 20 years in business, we’ve broken down a thriving business into 4 components. If you are able to have each of these four pieces working together in harmony, you can grow and have a healthy, viable, long-term business.

TREPX connects you to direct services in each of the four areas.

Operations and Logistics is the broadest of the four categories. This is where you create the plan and structure for your business.

Your business plan, vision and mission statement and leadership are here.

Your human resources and ability to deliver your product are here.

In the early stage, it’s critical for you as an entrepreneur to know where you want to be and have a vision to get there.

If you have a business idea that works, the most critical piece is finding a way to get more customers.

Business development is the marketing and sales where you find your ideal customer, find the message to communicate with them and find distribution to get in front of them.

Once sales start rolling in you have to account for those sales. We built Kahuna Accounting because we saw a huge need – where too many entrepreneurs don’t know where they stand.

Accounting is the scoreboard for your business. If you are not keeping score, how do you know if you are winning or losing? If you aren’t measuring, how can you improve anything?

Once you get the other three pieces moving, capital is the lifeblood of a thriving business.

To be able to maximize opportunities, add talent and have a vision for the future, you will eventually graduate beyond bootstrapping to leveraging talent for growth.

Kahuna Capital has committed $100,000 into a pool to invest in the right micro opportunities.

Capital is not a way to solve all problems, but a way to accelerate growth when all your systems are working.

Bringing it all together

When you have all four business components systematized and working together, you are free to spend time where you are most valuable. You can build yourself a business – not a job and magnify your effort to serve more and more people.

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Our Story: A Very Brief Timeline

Massive success in ATM industry
Kahuna ATM Solutions grew to more than $20M per year as a value-added aggregator, disrupting the industry. Kahuna Business Group sold a portion of the business in 2012, and Kahuna ATM Solutions was fully sold in 2014.
Incubator and Business Systems
Kahuna Business Group helped start and incubate over 20 businesses by providing facilities, systems, startup capital and administrative help.
We took businesses that only had an idea and helped them grow by providing support in:
Business Development
Seize the Wave!
After Kahuna CEO, Frank Lunn’s son Frankie had a battle with Leukemia (now cancer free and in college!), Frank spent time reflecting what really mattered and did a lot of writing to encourage other entrepreneurs.
Frank wrote 3 books :
Stack the Logs
Carpe Aqualis! Seize the Wave!
Blessings in Adversity
Into the Cloud
Kahuna used its Accounting team on the Xero platform to take outsourced accounting nation-wide. Kahuna Accounting is a quickly rising company and one of the top Xero partners in the U.S. earning over $40,000 in monthly revenue.

Our Philosophy

We believe success in entrepreneurship is tied to the entrepreneur above all things. Creating a business plan, marketing strategy or getting an influx of revenue can always be improved. But if you don’t have these three things, your chances of success will diminish greatly.
  1. Gratitude
    Nobody does it alone. Arrogance and selfishness make it nearly impossible to succeed. The best entrepreneurs have an abundance mentality, are grateful for what they have been given and look for ways to strengthen others.
  2. Personal responsibility
    As an entrepreneur, you own it. If you don’t achieve the results you are hoping for, it always comes back to you.
    Excuse-making and finger pointing is a great indication you are not ready for real success.
  3. Value
    Your success is tied to your value. If you want more you have to give more value.

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