Bookkeeping Made Easy:
Discover Clarity in Your Business

Entrepreneurship can be overwhelming when taking on every aspect of your business. The most important and least understood parts of most small businesses is accounting and finance. TREPX Accounting eliminates confusion and noise; providing a financial system that works and takes the pressure off of your shoulders.

If you are Like Most Entrepreneurs, Your Accounting
System is a Source of Confusion and Chaos, not Clarity

Businesses die because they run out of cash. It’s a problem that is often attributed to not having enough sales, but it all starts with the language of business – accounting. If you don’t have an easy and simple system in place from the start, you don’t truly understand your business.
TREPX Accounting will allow you to gain control of your business, give you piece of mind, and the confidence needed to focus on growing the business you love. We didn’t become entrepreneurs to become accountants or bookkeepers. We became entrepreneurs to provide the world and our customers with the products and services we believe in.

Finally! An Affordable Financial Solution that Makes Sense for Entrepreneurs

TREPX Accounting’s roots began at Kahuna Accounting over the past several years. Kahuna Accounting has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs transition from financial chaos to clarity. In doing this, we have seen the power for entrepreneurs when they can have peace of mind, control and a finger on the pulse of their business.

Here’s What Financial Clarity Can Do for You and Your Business

  • You Feel in control of the business
  • Your Anxiety goes down
  • You have clear understanding of reality
  • You can get away from the noise in your life
  • You can focus on your strengths and the thingsyou care about
  • You can reduce chaos and take control of your time…

Introducing TREPX Accounting powered by Kahuna Accounting

As Kahuna Accounting has grown, we have increasingly heard this question, “Our business isn’t big enough to hire a virtual bookkeeper, do you have anything that can work for us?”
The answer to that question now is yes, TREPX Accounting, where we provide full setup into Xero, plus ongoing support and membership.
The problem for entrepreneurs getting started is there is no great solution for them. You can’t afford to get someone to do the bookkeeping for you, and if you try to do it yourself you never get started properly and it’s always a confusing mess.
This is how TREPX Accounting solves this problem.
1. Full Setup in Xero Accounting Software by Kahuna Accounting Professionals
Get the full setup from our team, so that when you are finished with the process you’ll be able to see your financial picture at a glance and have a path for quickly maintaining your financials throughout the year.
Here’s What we setup:
  • Chart of accounts
  • Integration with banks
  • Integration with Credit Cards
  • Walk-through/training for ongoing workflow
  • Two bonus 15-minute support calls
2. Training and Support
Once you are setup, you’ll have access to the Kahuna Accounting team for any question related to the bookkeeping in your business.
This is not just tech support, but an actual accounting professional who can provide guidance to keep you on track throughout the year.
We’ll also provide ongoing videos and training so you can learn the best practices and uses in the Xero system so you’ll thrive.
3. Expert Webinars, Q & A and Resources
Every month we’ll have a featured expert share on a live webinar some training on how to have financial clarity. These experts are CPA’s, CFO’s and entrepreneurs who have been there and done that in the financial world. We’ll have an opportunity in each training for Q and A, so your membership includes access to high-powered professionals.
4. Members-Only Community
The mission of TREPX is to learn, live and share enTREPreneurship. We are at our best when we are connected and held accountable to each other and learning best practices.
So included in this community will be a private, members-only group where we can share stories, discuss challenges and feature what we’re working on and what we do best!

What Entrepreneurs are Saying:

You guys are seriously the easiest thing I’ve encountered in Accounting. I went to log in and set up my billing and it’s already done. Genius.
Shannon Post
Shannon Post Solutions
Xero in an excellent program but not being an accountant, I had lingering questions – e.g. Is my chart of accounts set up correctly? How to I key in pre-paid items? As well as other questions. I signed up with Kahuna and they’ve had my back and the responsiveness has been amazing!
Raj Shah
Convergent Technologies
Kahuna is an incredible team to work with – they’re friendly, prompt and they know their stuff! The peace of mind we get from knowing someone has our back when it comes to accounting is truly priceless.
Kate Erickson
Entrepreneur on Fire

Wait! Read This Before Signing Up

Before you sign up, we’d like you to read this just to potentially save us all some time. TREPX Accounting is not for everyone and it may not be for you. Our passion is serving entrepreneurs and we want to work with committed entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a difference in their communities and the world.
This product has been optimized to be the most efficient accounting option for a solo or startup entrepreneur, but it’s still going to require commitment and effort on your part. If your plan is to sit back and wait and complain, it would be best to not even try.
But if you are committed to growing and building a meaningful business and want to make something bigger than yourself, we’d love to have you!
Just make sure you can say yes to everything in the TREP Pledge, and then please fill out the form.
  • I am responsible
  • I am grateful
  • I am opportunity focused
  • I have integrity
  • I am positive
  • I provide value to others

Get Clarity in Your Business

There are no contracts or minimum number of months new members must agree to. To become a TREPX Accounting member, there is a one-time setup cost of $500 and monthly membership fee of $87/month.
TREPX Accounting is accepting applications for new members. We have built this product and company to serve entrepreneurs and small businesses with long-term goals who want to grow with us. We have a limited number of monthly spots available, so make sure to apply today to ensure your spot.

TREPX Accounting

TREPX Accounting is powered by Kahuna Accounting, but with a new offering for entrepreneurs who are getting started and can’t afford to hire a team to do all the work.
The mission at TREPX is to learn, live and share entrepreneurship, and this offer is to help entrepreneurs live it, while having the key financial skills for growth and building something meaningful
in the world.

Common Questions

Do I also have to pay money for accounting software?
No, a Xero subscription is included in the monthly price!
Is there a cancellation fee?
No, you can leave anytime and the information is all yours!
Can I have my historical information brought into the system?
The setup will be with a conversion date of 1/1/2016. Anything prior to that date would be an upgrade for us to setup or would be something you’d have to enter yourself.
What will my CPA think?
CPA’s love us! Our goal is to make relationships between CPA’s and entrepreneurs better by providing real insight and financial information. This system, used properly should make tax season much smoother.
More questions? We’re happy to talk. Drop an email to and we’ll be in touch right away and are happy to set up a phone call too.
To see if you are a fit for the package, fill out the form on this page and if everything checks out, you’ll get an email to pay the $500 for setup.

Our Bold Guarantee

TREPX Accounting is backed up by a 100% money-back guarantee with no hassle. If you make it through our setup process, at any time within the first 60 days if you feel like this is not for you, you can cancel and immediately get your money back.
It’s our mission to make you a raving fan, and if we don’t do it, we’re happy to go our separate ways.
But we’re pretty confident you’re going to love this
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