Coming Soon: TREPX A2P

The first product from TREPX is going to be released soon and will be made available to a limited number of entrepreneurs. The product is a package of tools, courses and services for the growing entrepreneur who has transitioned from amateur to pro. That’s why we’re calling it A2P.

Amateur to Pro

When you are growing, and you hit your first wave of momentum it can be overwhelming because a whole new set of issues arise. You now need to start creating systems in your business and figuring out how to be a business owner, not just a worker. A2P has everything you need to start scaling your business and take full control. Here’s what you can expect from A2P:


The initial members of the TREPX community will be reserved for those who sign up for the A2P process. We are building this to provide services and connection for 10,000 entrepreneurs, but to do that, we want to start with 300 who we can build around and get valuable feedback from. We’ll also have monthly member only webinars from experts to provide education on business growth and scaling.

The cost of A2P is $1120 (one payment) or 4 payments of $350 or 12 payments of $150.There is much more to come, and we’ll explain the full details when A2P launches including bonus content from our partners, but this is it in a nutshell.

If you’d like a heads up, or if you think you want to be one of the 300 sign ups, please reach out to us at
We look forward to hearing from you!

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